Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care, Sixth Edition

Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care, Sixth Edition

Mayo Clinic


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Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care is your comprehensive guide to protecting your good health. This reference covers more than 200 of today’s common health problems with over 1,500 ways to help you relieve pain, prevent illness, stay fit and more, Learn what you can do for yourself and when to seek medical attention. Also, learn how to respond to medical emergencies and what you can do to prevent or manage specific conditions such as arthritis, asthma and many more. There’s a lot to learn from Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care -How to lower your bad cholesterol without medication -Potential benefits and known risks of popular herbs such as garlic, saw palmetto, ginkgo, echinacea and more -How stress can trigger heart disease, indigestion, asthma, depression and more plus tips on reducing stress -The latest news on the growing diabetes epidemic and how to manage your symptoms or reduce your risks The book includes a special section of photographs and illustrations of various self-care practices. All in all, the book is an easy-to-understand guide you will want to refer to time and time again. See for yourself why Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care is such a popular choice with our customers. Order your copy today!