Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life

Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life

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Is that twinge in your chest heartburn or a heart problem? In 2006, more than 600,000 Americans-26% of all deaths in the US that year-died of heart disease, making it our nation's #1 killer. Now, Mayo Clinic provides a comprehensive, step by-step plan to reduce the risks and life-changing effects of heart disease. In The Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life!, Mayo Clinic provides up-to-date, clinically proven information that addresses the key causes of heart disease and provides clear, actionable advice in an easy-to follow format, including: -The three key actions you can taken in a quick-start plan to help you jump-start your way to heart health -A heart-health assessment to help you create your own customized plan -An easy-to-follow program designed for life-long heart health -Tools to help you determine your risk for heart disease -Information on how to recognize symptoms of heart disease-and what to do about them -Background on cholesterol's role and info on how you can minimize the effects of bad cholesterol and enhance your levels of good cholesterol -How to talk to your doctor about heart concerns and what to expect during a medical evaluation -How heart disease symptoms can be different in women, and other special concerns for women -How to raise heart-healthy children ...and more


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Mayo Clinic is one of the world's oldest and largest multispecialty group practices. Since 1904, millions of people from all walks of life have found answers at Mayo Clinic.



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